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Registration for Autumn term opens on Friday 31/8/2018

It took us long, yes, we know, we suffer too. We are preparing a new, more automatic system for registering to make life easier for everybody but it takes some…

Summer workshops

To not make you cry, we have prepared some workshop you can join. They are all solo dances, all with Marine, all on Sundays, all great. :) 15.7. Ladie’s styling workshop (3-5pm)…

Summer break doesn’t mean you cannot dance!

Yes, we are not running any courses during summer. It is our time to chill out and take a deep breath from teaching. But no break for you, guys. There…

Who shakes that thing?


It don't mean a think
if it ain't got that swing!


Swing Busters s.r.o.

IČ: 046 97 359
DIČ: CZ04697359
Andrštova 1079/5, 180 00, Praha 8
zaps. v OR vedeném Městským soudem v Praze, oddíl C, vložka 252240

bank account: 2800926222/2010 (Fio banka, a.s.)
IBAN: CZ1020100000002800926222


Jitka Hradilková
+420 603 909 382


Timetable & classes description



Our dance season is divided into 4 terms by 9 classes (one course equals 9 weeks of classes).
The courses follow one after another, so you can learn how to dance for the whole year (4 terms in a row).
There is often one week break in between every term. We intend to organise special dance parties, workshops or other events in these breaks.
Our terms of season 2018/2019 do start: 17.9. (autumn term), 26.11. (winter term), 11.2. (spring term) and 22.4. (summer term).

FIRST CLASS FOR NEWBIES FOR FREE (open classes excluded)!

If you have any questions concerning classes, private classes and payments, please contact us via email on info@swingbusters.cz.

 – 19:00
 – 20:00
 – 21:00
 – 19:00
 – 19:15
 – 20:15
 – 21:15
 – 19:00
 – 20:00
 – 19:00
Open class
 – 21:00
 – 23:30

BA 1.1 Balboa Beginners

  • pure bal/bal swing (0-3 months of balboa dance experience)
  • course will cover: basic balboa steps, basic technique of lead&follow, basic footwork and simple basic variations

Dance party

What is a swing dance without the social aspect? Nothing.
As we all try to teach you the social dance, the best way to get better is to train – and you are fortunate – the training in this dance is actually the party itself!
So do not hesitate and come to have a dance with us, with others from your class or strangers too, it is all about fun anyway :).

Jazz Vocab Open class

– Jazz Vocab Open class is a weekly class of solo jazz dance aiming at those who want to enlarge their solo jazz vocabulary. Every week we will learn completely different moves, the classes material is therefore not related. That means you don’t need to register in advance or come every week, it can be your spontaneous Friday evening program who turns smoothly into our Practicas where you can practice other dance material gained throughout the week.
– The class is an open level – good for beginners and advance dancers too. There will always be a list of moves on the FB event for you to choose if that’s the moves you want to learn/practice.
– Great class to make up for your missed regular prepaid classes.

P.S. If you want to dig deeper into choreographies, technique, practicing of previously learned material, we also have a Solo jazz REGULAR class on Thursdays (7.20pm)

LH 1.1 Lindy hop 6-count

  • lindy hop 6count
  • this is a complete beginners course where you do not need any previous experience with swing or any kind of dancing
  • we’ll cover: the history of swing, the basic rhythm structure, basic footwork and figures in the 6-count rhythm, the most important of all – the principle of leading and following

LH 1.2 Charleston I

  • charleston 20’s, lindy charleston (0-3 months of dance experience)
  • the course follows LH 1.1
  • we’ll cover: the history of swing, the basic rhythm structure, basic footwork and figures in the 6-count rhythm, the most important of all – the principle of leading and following

LH 1.3 Lindy hop 8-count

  • lindy hop 8count (3-5 months of swing dance experience)
  • we advise you to first take the course LH 1.1 and/or LH 1.2
  • we’ll cover: the basic footwork and variations in the 8-count rhythm, we’ll prepare you for more complex figures such as the Swing out and its variations

LH 2.0 Swing out drill

  • Lindy hop Swing out drillování (6-8 months of swing dance experience)
  • we need you to first take the LH 1.3 (otherwise speak to our teachers first)
  • focus on the basic figure called the Swing out – its complex technic and its variations

LH 2.1 Swing out variations I

  • 8-12 months of swing dance experience
  • deepening of the basics (knowledge of the Swing out is obligatory here), harder dance figures and variations, faster dance tempos

LH 2.2 Lindy Charleston II

  • 12-15 months of swing dance experience
  • lindy charleston – flying charleston, we advise you to have done the course LH 1.2
  • it repeats, relates and follows the material from LH 1.2 – flying charleston basics and variations, faster tempo and more detailed technic

LH 2.3 Swing out variations II

  • 15-18 months of swing dance experience
  • deepening of the basics (knowledge of the Swing out is obligatory here), harder dance figures and variations, faster dance tempos

LH 3.1 Lindy Hop Jam II

  • 2 years of swing dance experience
  • deepening of the lead & follow technic, back to the basics through a detailed work allowing you to be more free in the couple dancing and to express yourself as a leader or follower to the music through understanding the rhythm and the structures more

LH 3.2 Lindy Hop Masters

  • 2,5 years of swing dance experience
  • In this course we work on a very detailed dance technic, we do challenging variations, the pace of learnigh and the speed of the music is much higher, we also cover different swing dances from Lindy hop that every so-called swing dancer should know.

Lindy hop Advanced Open class

  • more than 1,5 years of swing dance experience (18-21 months), you already took at least LH 3.0 course.
  • very detailed lead & follow technic, more complex footwork variations and figures, faster speed of music, rhythm & musicality focus, combination of Lindy and Lindy Charleston


If you missed out something in class and want to work on it with your classmates/partner or work more on your dancing skills in general, you should come to Practicas! Practicas is the place for your own training so bring a video and get deep into it!
There will always be some of the SB teachers who you can ask for help or assistance if needed. Time for training is 2 hours and entry is 80 CZK.

Private classes

Beginner or advanced dancer, you can improve your style and technic taking a private class with one or two of our teachers. Please contact the chosen one directly :).

The prices differ depending on each teacher.


Dance party with a short taster class for anyone who wants to try out swing dance before the party kicks off.

Two locations alternating :
RIVERSIDE : 17/7, 31/7, 14/8, 28/8
Swing Dinner MANIFESTO: 24/7, 7/8, 21/8


In this course we will focus on the well-known jazz & swing routines such as The Shim sham, Tranky doo, The Big apple, BigCal, California Routine and many more.

It is better to sign in couple even though you will work on solo choreographies.
Recommended level – more than 6 months of swing dancing.

This semester starting on September 19 we will work on the Shim sham, St.Louis Shim Shim and Al&Leon Shim sham choreographies.

SH 1.1 Shag Beginners

  • Shag is the new sexy!
  • beginners course (for swing dancers as well as complete newbies)
  • the lectures will cover: the basics of Collegiate Shag (figures, postures, style) in so called double rhythm, as well as basics of lead&follow

SH 3. 1 Shag Advanced

  • 1 year of Collegiate Shag dance experience
  • going deep into basics to polish it, new complex variations, more advanced lead & follow technique

Shag Busters

  • Shag dance troupe for Advanced dancers
  • working on choreographies

Shag INT

  • double rhythm shag (3+ months of Shag dance experience)
  • course will cover: rhythm combinations, basic moves in open/close position and their variations, improving the lead & follow skills

Swing & Swim in Biotop Radotín

Sunny Sundays at the swimming pool Biotop Radotín
8/7, 22/7, 12/8, 26/8
Because why not?

Swing Basics Open class

Lekce open class is a special one.
In our regular classes, where you need to register, we go in a slow pace, explain the details of the couple dancing and the classes material follows what has been taught the week before. We also choose one of the styles only for the 9 weeks.
In these Open classes, the approach is different, we don’t want to talk details to you, we do different styles of swing to show you what it all contains so you can see if you’d like to stick to it or if it is not your cup of tea.
SO INTO THIS CLASS YOU CAN JUST DROP IN, TRY IT, PAY and come back next time or sing up for our regular classes (LH1.1,LH1.2 or if you are very talented then even LH1.3).