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Registration for Autumn term opens on Friday 31/8/2018

It took us long, yes, we know, we suffer too. We are preparing a new, more automatic system for registering to make life easier for everybody but it takes some…

Summer workshops

To not make you cry, we have prepared some workshop you can join. They are all solo dances, all with Marine, all on Sundays, all great. :) 15.7. Ladie’s styling workshop (3-5pm)…

Summer break doesn’t mean you cannot dance!

Yes, we are not running any courses during summer. It is our time to chill out and take a deep breath from teaching. But no break for you, guys. There…

Who shakes that thing?


It don't mean a think
if it ain't got that swing!


Swing Busters s.r.o.

IČ: 046 97 359
DIČ: CZ04697359
Andrštova 1079/5, 180 00, Praha 8
zaps. v OR vedeném Městským soudem v Praze, oddíl C, vložka 252240

bank account: 2800926222/2010 (Fio banka, a.s.)
IBAN: CZ1020100000002800926222


Jitka Hradilková
+420 603 909 382



Solo jazz spring with Elena (GR)

Time to jazz up your lindy!

Gorgeous Elena is flying in from Athens and is going to teach a weekend workshop for everyone who wants to add a bit of oomph and elegance to their dancing. We will be working on musicality and
rhythm changes, improvising and playing with the basics, and yeeay, working on upper body and arms movement.
And of course, there’s a party on Saturday!

Classes are open level, but some experience is needed: if you’ve had at least some solo jazz classes or have been dancing lindy for a long time (cca intermediate-advanced) and love to improvise, sign up. If neither of this is true but you really, really want to try this, sign up.

Registration here.

The first 6 registrations : 1300 Kč.
Following registations : 1500 Kč.

————-More on Elena—————-

Elena took her first dance class at the age of four and has never stopped dancing since.
She has been trained in Ballet, Contemporary Jazz & Ballroom disciplines.
While waiting in line for an audition in London, she saw a couple dancing lindy to the tunes of a saxophone player across the street.
She instantly felt in love with the swinging groove of Lindy Hop!
In 2012 she got back to Athens and started her own dance studio named ‘Jump & Jive’, teaching original swing dances. She holds an MFA in Choreography.
As a teacher she loves to see her students develop through time and always tries to push them to their limits.

Lindy hop workshop with David and Cátia from Lisbon 11-12 March 2017

Our favorite cute couple is back in town!
David and Cátia will fly over from Lisbon in only 2 months to share their super knowledge with us.

If you were here 2 years ago, you remember how nice it was to take their classes so don’t miss!

Date: 11-12 March
Location: TBA, Prague
Price: 1200 Kč first 10 registrations / 1400 Kč the following registrations

Registration is now open here!

morning – 2 classes for Level B
afternoon – 2 classes for Level A
evening – kick-ass party

morning – 2 classes for Level A
afternoon – 2 classes for Level B


Level A – beginner-intermediate & intermediate
You have been taking lindy hop classes for around a year or more. You know the basics of Charleston, Lindy 6-count, Lindy 8-count, Swing out and its basic variations, can lead/ follow it at parties.

Level B – intermediate-advanced & advanced
You are rocking the Lindy hop parties in Prague on regular basis, you take classes but also participate in workshop. More difficult Lindy hop variations are a piece of cake for you, you can lead/follow them fluently. You can dance to slow and fast tempo. You’ve been doing this whole fun for some time already. (About 2-4 years.)


——————-ABOUT THEM——————-

These two Portuguese started dancing and teaching together in 2011, and have since become international teachers, mainly due to their aptitude to understand the fundamentals of good movement (dancing) and explaining it in an graspable and applicable way.

David is an addicted social dancer. You’ll rarely see him not dancing while there is groovy swing music playing. He’s also a geek, that cannot avoid himself of deconstructing the nuclear bio-mechanics and rhythmic structure of the dance and music. And he loves to share this knowledge/vision almost as much as he loves hugs.

Cátia is a person’s person. She’s always caring for everybody, and it shows when it comes to teaching where she uses an intuitive and organic approach to bring out to the best in each student. You’ll rarely see her not smiling.